Monday, November 29, 2010

Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Babylon 5 Ornaments

Ok, I decided it would be better to organize the ornaments I made by series so it would be easier to find, so you might see some repeats, but you will definitely see some new ones as well.

This post is for my Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Babylon 5 ornaments because they're my top 3 favorite TV shows. I wish I had done more Star Trek ones, but there's always next year. :)

Doctor Who

The Tardis 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Star Trek DS Case

This is a project I did about a year ago for my hubby. He loves his Nintendo DS and he had a habit of losing it, losing his games, and worried about scratching it, so I looked around at cases. The criteria for a the case were 1) Thin, so he could carry it around easily and 2) It could carry around a good amount of games. Well, I had no luck finding cases. They were either too bulky or didn't hold enough games. And I was shocked by the prices of them! So I decided, why not just make him one?

I found a tutorial for the case on Crafter here. This is a GREAT tutorial. It was really easy and it turned out great. Any issues I had were of my own making (ie: I wanted to make it really thick and cushion-y so I used fabric that was a bit too thick). I modified it a bit because I didn't want it to look girly since it was for the hubby. I didn't add a closure to it, I swear I was going to, but I've found that it stays closed on its own.

I hand stitched the star on, and I keep meaning to fix it. It looks okay, but I used thread because it was all I had and want to redo it with embroidery thread so it doesn't pucker. In any case (aha), hubby loved it and still uses it!

Maybe insomnia is a reason to write a new post. :)

I love Etsy

What's Etsy? It's a site that allows you to sell your own crafts and/or supplies. I love browsing through it to see all the amazing things that people have created. I particularly like it because where I live, honestly, there's not a good selection of craft stores. Oh yes, there's JoAnns and Michaels and Hobby Lobby. But after a while, their selection gets old and I miss the local or not-big-name craft stores where you find those little treasures that are just perfect for a project. That's where Etsy comes in. I just was working on a Christmas present for a friend (can't say what because I know she reads this ;) ) and I knew exactly what I was looking for. Went to all the craft stores and I couldn't find a piece I needed so I headed over to Etsy. Not only did I find precisely what I was looking for, but even with shipping it was cheaper then it would have been in stores.

No, Etsy didn't pay me for this promotion, lol. ;) I just really, really love this site. Even if you never buy anything from it, it's a great place to get ideas. (Side note: I don't sell things on there, so I have no idea how it works). 

And I'm sorry for the lack of updates on the Geeky Christmas tree. I haven't forgotten. It can be difficult to post pics with a broken computer. But all the ornaments are completed, so stay tuned for a new post with pictures! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper!

I must apologize for the lack of updates. My computer is still on the fritz, but I hope that the problem will be fixed this weekend!

But I think my computer being down might be a good thing because I've been able to accomplish a lot: Christmas cards, presents, ornaments. But most importantly, at least for me, I've been able to finish my Weeping Angel Christmas Tree topper! The Weeping Angels are adversaries of The Doctor from Doctor Who and my favorite villains! I saw an idea for this on Craftster (here) and decided to alter it a bit to use as a Christmas tree topper.

To see the tutorial, read on!

Monday, November 8, 2010

First round of Geeky Christmas Ornaments!

So here they are! The first round of geeky ornaments! For the most part, I'm pretty happy with them. A lot of this has been experimentation, seeing what works and what doesn't. But anyway, blah blah blah, onto the pictures!

The Tardis from Doctor Who

Oh the joys of technology!

My computer has decided it no longer wishes to work properly. Which means that my updates will be less frequent then I hoped.

Most of the weekend was spent with the hubby instead of crafting, but I did manage to work on my Christmas tree topper. The rain finally let up enough that I was able to spray paint it with primer. Now I have to get to the store to get some gray paint (ooo! Hint!) to paint it, so I hope to have it finished by the end of the week. I really love how it's turning out. Hmmmm. I wonder how soon I can convince the hubby to let me put up the Christmas tree? Is before Thanksgiving too soon? ;)

I also worked on some ornaments. I bought these silver balls at the dollar store (that were on sale for 50 cents!) and was thinking about how to paint them. They're pretty shiny, so I didn't want to do anything extravagant, so what I did was paint a couple of simple symbols on them, like the Green Lantern symbol. I also used some more obscure symbols that us die hard geeks should be able to get. ;)

I'm beginning to really love clay. It's a great medium to make ornaments out of and it's relatively cheap. At Hobby Lobby, they have Sculpy Oven Bake clay for 99 cents and come in all the basic colors. They're small packs but I'm able to get one 5-6 inch ornament out of it with some left over.

Pictures to come soon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Time!

I know. A lot of people don't like to hear about Christmas this early. But I love Christmas. It was always the best time of year during my childhood. My grandparents owned their own land and for 50 years Papa sold Christmas trees. Every year we would hike up the hill together, pick out the best tree, haul it down, and put it up. Mama had the best ornaments too. Some store bought, but a lot of them homemade, including real gingerbread men. When I left home, I didn't take many ornaments with me and for the past few years, my Christmas tree has been pretty sparce.

So for this year's tree I've decided to make my own Christmas ornaments. But not just any ornaments. See, one important thing about me is that I'm a sci-fi addict. Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Star Trek, X-Files, Firefly, etc. So this year's Christmas tree is going to be sci-fi themed. I have a few ideas of how I want to accomplish this. I have my tree topper started (I am extremely proud of this, so I'm going to wait to reveal it until I'm finished). I also found some silver balls on sale at the dollar store (score!) to paint. And clay. I'm beginning to love clay. I might extend this to include fantasy and comic books things as well. Because I love Batman. And Iron Man. And Green Lantern. Maybe a better title would be "Geek Christmas Tree." ;)