Saturday, May 28, 2011

Has it really been two months?

... I'm afraid it has been. I did lay low for a couple weeks because my March challenge kinda drained me, but I had no idea that it had been two months! So now I'm back and ready to start chronicling my ideas again. You're in trouble. ;)

I've found a new niche and I'm sure that there are going to be people who's responses are "You're doing what?" because I've already gotten a few. But I've found that I love reconstrucing Barbie dolls. I touched a little on the subject here, but because it's taken such a hold on me and I love it so much, I thought I would expand on it.

So, why dolls? A few reasons.

1) They remind me of my grandmother. She loved the collectible Barbies (the "wizard of Oz" set comes to mind) and would buy duplicates for her and for me. 
2) I've found that I can use many different crafting techniques on one doll. The perfect example was my Delenn doll. I got to sew (her costume), paint (her eyes and lips), and craft stuff (her head bone and triluminary) all in one project, without having to spend a butt load of money (of course, that can change the more detailed and "better" I want my dolls to be).
3) They take up less space and look cool then if I were to, say, make costumes for me and the hubby. Where would we wear them all to anyway??
4) Because I like it. Really, this should be enough of an answer, but alas, I know that people can't just accept that. And one thing I've realized is that there's really no difference from this and from someone playing video games or collecting trains or models or remote control cars/airplanes/helicopters/boats etc. 

How far have I gotten into it? Not very far honestly. I've been busy making things for others that I haven't gotten to engrossed into it for myself. That will change once some swaps I'm involved with are finished. But I wanted to share a few of the things I made for another person. We're involved with a swap and she wanted me to make some doll clothes for her. 

The first is based on this dress from The Swan Princess.

The pattern is my own. I actually used a slip for the white (yay for reusing!) and some scraps I had for the teal. The sleeves were the hardest part, but I think it still worked. The doll in the picture is an Aurora doll from Disney's Sleeping Beauty but I thought she would make a much better Odette. I repainted her eyes and combed her bangs to the side and I think it really looks like her! Now I just need to make one of these dresses for her!

The next is based on this Goblin King picture. 

Again, all the patterns are my own. I never knew it, but they make 1/16" eyelets, which are perfect for Barbie corsets and such. I thought they would be difficult to work with because of how small they are, but they were actually easier to use then then the 1/4" ones which I use on costumes. 

And the last (and my favoite) is a Belle inspired lolita dress based on this picture.

I love Beauty and the Beast and was so excited to make this outfit! Truthfully, I almost didn't send it to her because I loved it so much! The pattern is my own. I made the tiny roses out of red ribbon left over from Christmas. The shoes were plain barbie heels that I added clay to the front and painted. 

They were a lot of fun to make and I'm proud that I was able to accomplish it. Believe it or not, sewing in small scale is a lot more difficult then normal size! 


Anonymous said...

i absolutly love your dolls!!!! your odette took my breath away!!! would you sell her or do you take commissions? i would die to have some done would youplease email me at
thank you so much <3 britney

Anonymous said...

My daughter has fallen in love w/ odette and they do to sell the doll anymore. Could you make one? Please email me too! You would so save me! Jackie

Tari Hann, owner of Barbee & Friends Doll Clothes said...

Do you sell your patterns? I would love to make the Odette gown for a little girl who just loves this movie. The sleeves look tricky!

Anonymous said...


i was wondering if you sell the odette doll dresses?? please email me at



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