Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doctor Who Messenger Bag and Accessories!

In case you guys don't know, Doctor Who is my favorite TV show. And I'm currently involved with a Doctor Who Swap on Craftster and I've been spending a good part of the last two weeks making things for my partner. I have four things completed and a 5th in process, so I've really been in a Doctor Who crafty mood. I can't finish the last item until it stops snowing (partner, if you're reading this, here's a hint: spray paint!).I had some left over fabric and decided to make something for myself! I really, really needed a bag for one day and weekend trips to hold my books, art profolio, pencil case, camera, etc. So this was born!

A Doctor Who Messenger Bag and Accessories!

With all the items, the outer layer is made of duck cloth, the lining and most of the binding were made from a white sheet, and in between both was a tapestry kind of fabric to make it stronger. I stenciled the pictures on and hand painted them with fabric paint.

The Bag

This is the first messenger bag I've made. I didn't have a pattern for the size I wanted, so I made my own pattern for it. It measures 12x16 because I needed it big enough to carry my 11x17 art profolio. My kitty was insisting that he be in the picture.

I found the amazing Tardis stencil on deviantart, by adams-ransom, who so kindly lets people use it. Thank you! This was my first time using stencils since I was a kid and had nothing to do it properly, so I ended up tracing it on paper, cutting it out, drawing it on the fabric then hand painting it. Definitely not the best way, but it still worked! And I love it!

The inside pockets were inspired by McCall's 5824, because I need pockets. Lots and lots of pockets. There are five pockets, two of them zippered. This was the first project where I used a sewing machine to sew in the zippers. I normally did them by hand because I was terrified I would screw them up, but after how well this turned out, I don't think I'll do that again. :) And I had to add a side pocket to carry the sonic screwdriver my hubby got me for Christmas!

Stenciled here is the amazing David Tennant as the tenth Doctor. I made the stencil from a picture I found online. I have to say, I am thrilled with how it came out. 

The inner pockets and the back pocket. The back pocket was an "oops." I forgot to add it before sewing it together, so I improvised.

The Wallet

When I finished the bag, I realized that my current wallet was too fat to carry in it. So of course I needed to make a new wallet. I found the basic idea here, but ended up making my own pattern for it. I wanted to add more pockets, change the picture holder, change the size and it was just easier that way. 

For the stencil, I knew I had to put a Dalek on it because it seems like my money's always being "exterminated." :-D I found the stencil online (I'm sorry, I don't remember where). For the lettering, I used the basic shape of a stencil a friend had, but changed it slightly.

The Camera Case

Made from own pattern. The inside is left over quilted material. The sonic screwdriver stencil was made by me. I added two loops on the side so I can add a strap if I ever need to carry just my camera with me.

The Sewing Kit

Hello, my name is Cynthia and I'm a sewing addict. And I'm afraid of going anywhere without a sewing kit. The pattern is my own. I've never I made anything like this before and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I wanted it to have some shape to it, so I put cardboard in the spine. I also made the Adipose stencil (omiword, I cannot get over how cute it is!).  I have another sewing kit around my house somewhere that has a cardboard with thread on it that I need to add to it.

I loved doing this project! I think this has to be my favorite thing that I've ever done. I picked up a lot of new info and tips and.. well.. it looks awesome! It may end up being my regular everyday bag despite the size. 


Anonymous said...

Lol, it seems my money is always being "exterminated" as well! Perfectly appropriate. ;-)


Uniqueweirdo27 said...

Hey I am Utterly In love with this I want to do this sooo badly

Cynthia said...

Love this stuff! Is there any chance I could use your sonic screwdriver pattern for some scherenschnitte?

abc123jjz said...

I'm starting college really soon and I've been looking everywhere for a Doctor Who bag, I think i fell in love with yours. lol Can you send me... i don't know.. idiot instructions on how to possibly do this? i'm no good with arts and crafts but this is amazing. I love the little Adipose that was a great touch!

Anonymous said...

Nice bag and accessories!

Carlie Berridge said...

Your not selling these by any chance are you??? amazingly done you're brilliant :)

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