Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Geeky Christmas!

Finally! The Geeky Christmas Tree Completed!

I know, I know. It's been a while. But you have to forgive me because it's the busy holiday season! ;) But here it is! The rest of the ornaments and the finished Christmas tree! 

One of hubby's favorite movies. He can quote it from beginning to end. I think this this is his favorite one. :)

Magic The Gathering
My hubby's favorite thing to do: play Magic. So it was appropriate that we turn some of the cards into an ornament!

Autobots. I know. He looks a bit chubby. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it. :)

This was an easy one. We had an old video game controller laying around, so I opened it up, took out the wires and tada!

Star Wars
The Jedi symbol. Another one of the hubby's favorite movie. Actually.... it IS his favorite movie!

And finally...

The Finished Tree!

(Firefox loves the tree as much as I do!)

I love this tree. It was so much fun to make, trying new techniques and recycling some stuff I just had around the house. And it's "us." And yes, that is a Star Trek tree skirt you're seeing. But I couldn't just stop here. To further geekify Christmas this year.... yup...

Star Trek Christmas Stockings!!

I designed the pattern myself after Star Trek: The Next Generation. I loved the collars on the uniforms and I wanted to capture that look. The actual stockings are made out of felt and the comm badges and rank pins are made out of clay, baked and painted with acrylic paint. The red one is for Command and is the hubby's. If we were in the Star Trek universe, he would be Captain. The blue is for Sciences and is mine because I think I would be ships counselor or a teacher. I LOVE how they turned out. Maybe even more then the Christmas tree. :)


Anonymous said...

love love love love love!!!!!!!!!!

Everything came out sooo well! I wish you could've made the marshmallow adipose! That woulda been a great wrap! teehee

love ya!

Cynthia said...

Next year! I didn't want to make them out of marshmellows, because wouldn't they get... umm... gross? I dunno. But I still love the idea and want to figure out how to do it!

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