Friday, December 3, 2010

Superhero Ornaments!

I love superheros. Movies, TV shows, cartoons, comics. I just love superheros. So of course I had to make some superhero ornaments for my tree. 

Batman is my all time favorite superhero. I've been obsessed since I was a kid, watching Batman: The Animated Series. I can never get enough.

Batman Symbol

Robin Symbol

Nightwing Symbol

Iron Man
Iron Man is a very, very, very close second to Batman (I think I have a thing for the ultra smart, ultra rich types, lol). 

Tony Stark's Chest Piece (turn off the lights and it glows in the dark!)

I have to confess something here. I don't like the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. I've never been a big fan. That being said, however, I LOVE the animated series and Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. I've also read The Life and Death of Superman at least 5 times. So I think that makes up for not liking the movies, lol. (Perhaps that can be Christopher Nolan's next project?)

Green Lantern 
And last (but most certainly not least), Green Lantern. I haven't been a Green Lantern fan for long. I always liked him on Justice League and really enjoyed Green Lantern: First Flight. Can't wait for the new movie with Ryan Reynolds! This is a redo from the original, which was silver with the symbol painted in green. I just didn't like it. So I had to redo it and like this one so much better!


Anonymous said...

Do you sell these ornaments? i would love to get my nephew a superhero ornament. Your work is really good. You can email me at if you do sell these or if you dont im willing to pay you for them.

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