Sunday, March 20, 2011

N.C.M #11 and #12 - Faux Stained Glass

I was browsing through some crafting websites when I stumbled upon a tutorial for faux stained glass. I was so surprised how well this looked and how cheap it was to make! I also remembered a dear friend of mine did this with some of her students when she was teaching and had one she did hanging in her bathroom and decided I needed to try it out.

I was originally going to do three of them from Doctor Who to hang next to each other on the wall, but decided instead to do three from my three favorite sci-fi series. I haven't decided on two yet, but knew I wanted one of them to be a Dalek. When I told the hubby what I was planning he asked me to make one for him of the Umbrella Corporation logo ("Resident Evil") for his Man Cave.

I drew each of the designs by hand then followed the tutorial and I love how it came out!

The Dalek measures 8x10 and the Umbrella Corp logo measures 4x4 (without the frames).

The cost breakdown of this project:

8x10 frame - $1 (Dollar Tree)
4x4 frame - $1 (Dollar Tree)
Clear Elmer's Glue - $1.77
White Elmer's Glue - On hand
Paints - On Hand
Total - $3.77 

Proof that crafting does not need to break the bank!


Suzy said...

These turned out fabulous, Cynthia! If it is alright with you, I'd love to feature them on my Features and Thankyous post at the beginning of April.


Cynthia said...

Oh wow, thank you! And thank you for the excellent tutorial. I see many more of these in my future. :-D

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