Friday, March 18, 2011

N.C.M #9 and #10 - Legend of the Seeker Costumes!

Last year we tried to drag... *ahem*... asked two of our friends to come to a Renaissance Festival with us in the fall. They were interested and it gave them an excuse to have costumes made from one of their favorite T.Vshows: Richard and Kahlan from "Legend of the Seeker."

I was really excited to do this because it was the first time where I was making something look straight out of TV show. I'd made costumes based on TV or movies, but nothing trying to look just like it.

For the dress, I used two bedsheets. They were light, but sturdy, and they didn't cost an arm and a leg for my friend. I altered Simplicity's 4940 pattern for the basic shape of the dress. Because the front of the dress is ope and laces up, I cut the front piece down the middle and changed the neckline to look like Kahlan's.

I also changed the sleeves to make them much thinner. The hood was the most difficult part of this costume. I tried to make my on pattern and failed miserably. I ended up taking the hood of another pattern and altering it. It... kinda... worked. I'm still not completely happy with that part, but I can deal because she liked it. For the black underclothes, the costume has a black skirt and a leather corset. We decided to forgo the corset because no one would see it and she just wore a black cami. The skirt I made from a black bedsheet. 

Richard's costume was the most challenging of the two, not because it was complicated, but because of the amount of detail. 

Luckily, we found a shirt almost identical to Richard's. Just a few minor modifications and it was all set. For the vest I used a basic vest pattern with a material that looked similar to leather. For the  front I cut a small strip to go around the front and collar. I added the patches on the shoulder then added the trim, which look like small X's criss crossing. I ended up cutting out strips and gluing them together with hot glue. It was time consuming, but worth it! Down both sides of the front I laced leather cording. 

The pants were made out of duck cloth, for the raw look of the fabric and the sturdiness of it. We ended up deciding the simplest thing was to put elastic in the waist and add the detailing to the front just  for show. Yeah, they're non functional. The greeves I used a Simplicity pattern and used the same material as the vest.

I guess that's enough talking. Onto the picture!

(Faces blocked for their privacy, lol)

Unfortunately, we didn't end up going to the Ren Fest, but they were pretty happy with their costumes. They'll look amazing at the Ren Fests we drag them to this year! :-D


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