Tuesday, March 29, 2011

N.C.M. #21 - #24 - Jewelry Sets

My latest kick is making jewelry. It's fun, it's easy and something I can do quickly (most times).

The first set is my favorite. The green glass beads I got from Hobby Lobby and the bronze beads from Walmart. I can't tell if they're butterflies or flowers, but they're pretty! I like this set because it's alittle more dress down because of the bronze colors.

The next set is one based on Doctor Who. The keys and blue beads are for the Tardis and the wing is for the Weeping Angels. I wish I could have a few more elements to put into this piece, to make it a little more Doctor Who-y, but perhaps less is better. I will have to change the chain because parts are tarnished. :(

The next two sets are ones I just whipped up when I was bored. They're made from glass beads I got from Joanns on sale and the clear beads came from A.C. Moore.


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