Tuesday, March 15, 2011

N.C.M #5 and #6 - Doctor Who Apron and Tardis Pillowcase

After much hassle (mainly with shipping) the Doctor Who swap on Craftster is over! Whew! My partner received her package and was pleased with it. I was happy with how two of the items came out and decided they should be a part of my 31 crafts.

The Doctor Who Apron.

One of the items on her wist was a Doctor Who apron and I knew right away I had to make her one. The pattern is my own and I chose duck cloth as the material because it's washable and durable. What was challenging was deciding what to put on the apron. I toyed between a David Tennant stencil or a Tardis or a Dalek, but decided on wording.

What's with the double hearts? Well because Timelords have two hearts, naturally. ;) And because David Tennant was her favorite Doctor, adding his catchphrase on the bottom seemed like a good idea. The lettering was hand stenciled in the Doctor Who font. I drew out the letters on paper (tedious, I know, but that happens when you don't have a printer), cut it out, traced it then painted in fabric paint. I didn't have any white binding, so I made the binding out of a white sheet.

The Tardis Pillowcase

Another item on her wist was a Tardis pillow. I decided to make a pillowcase instead because that way it's washable.

I made the pillowcase out of the same white bedsheet as I did the binding (way cheaper then buying pillowcases!) For the Tardis I wanted a layered look, so I cut out all the pieces and layered them on, starting with the back and working my way up to the doors. Unfortunately, my choice of fabric wasn't the best for this and I ended up outlining everything with black fabric paint. The "Oo-Ee-Oo"? If you're not familiar with it, look up the theme song. ;)


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